Nero did not have it easy at all. He came to us from Bulgaria, where he would probably not be with his diagnoses. At five months, he underwent surgery on three joints. After this operation, he was not allowed to jump for several months and even to be free in the garden without a leash. A faster run would hurt him. The operation did not work out 100%, the left hind paw is quite relieving, but in mischief it definitely does not prevent him. Approximately in the year of life, epilepsy was added to it. He had a pretty severe form where he had a seizure every week. We were helped a lot by the examination at the Jaggy clinic, which cost a little 30 thousand, but the seizures managed to get under control. Currently, Nero is also undergoing surgery, he has a ligament rupture in his knee. In the fall of 2019, he underwent knee surgery with ligament rupture, and in January 2021, the same on his other knee.

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